This software was developed over a single weekend, allowing easy deployment of our frontline colleagues to increase the capacity in critical areas during the pandemic.

As the pandemic escalated, there was a need for rapid reorganisation of staff from areas which closed, to places where help was needed.

All eligible staff – which total more than 1,200 – were uploaded to one platform which also listed their experience and skills.

Those in need of staff could select desired skills along with the date they needed the member of staff to get a list of potential candidates.

You could also cross-reference a member of staff’s contracted hours, the ward they work on, their contact details and get a rating based on their competencies.

The higher the rating, the more of the skills you need they ticked.

From here, you just chose a member of staff and clicked to redeploy and the individual, their line manager and the ward would be notified immediately.

More Case Studies

Bed Bureau System

When the Covid pandemic struck, Provide Digital created and launched the Bed Bureau System over a single weekend.


Provide My Booking was created in 2020 to manage office desk bookings and allow businesses to control premises and adhere to social distancing regulations.


Another of our Covid-19 apps streamlined the process for frontline staff to report on lateral flow test results which were then uploaded officially to Public Health England.