Another of our Covid-19 apps streamlined the process for frontline staff to report on lateral flow test results which were then uploaded officially to Public Health England.

ProvideMyResults was a web-based application that allows users to see their reports in a consolidated space. It used various features like lateral flow testing, vaccine booking, and a voting system for the admins and let healthcare providers access patient information and send them reminders on upcoming vaccinations.

At the time, Public Health England was asking all medical staff to take lateral flow tests three times a week and this had to be recorded centrally. Trusts had legal responsibility to provide all results and the task was onerous, with most NHS organisations using a paper system and filing these by hand.

Our platform meant all 2,000 staff in Essex had a smart app or desktop access with personal logins and could input the date their test was performed, the time, the specimen ID, the result and add any comments.

After collecting information, a daily report could be compiled by the business intelligence team to send to Public Health England. But even this was automated, so at the simple click of a button, staff could produce a report in the Public Health England format as well as a NHS digital data collection report and press send, saving thousands of man hours.

At a later date, the app was modified to assist staff with booking vaccines and boosters.

It continues to evolve as a platform to become a nexus point for staff to be able to login and provide results to various requests from the parent organisation in respect to specific topics. This platform can be configured to collect any information from staff on an ad-hoc basis.

More Case Studies

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When the Covid pandemic struck, Provide Digital created and launched the Bed Bureau System over a single weekend.


Similarly, to our Bed Bureau System, this software was developed over a single weekend, allowing easy deployment of our frontline colleagues to increase the capacity in critical areas during the pandemic.


Provide My Booking was created in 2020 to manage office desk bookings and allow businesses to control premises and adhere to social distancing regulations.