Provide Digital

We design, develop and build bespoke applications and software for the healthcare market

Tackle challenges using technology

As part of a social enterprise, our innovative skills and technological expertise allow us to provide solutions to complex and challenging problems in the healthcare market.

Creating bespoke apps and software, we can help you circumnavigate the existing paper mountain of auditing, management and operations within your business, allowing you access to easy administrative, supervision and organisational tools that can transform existing processes, streamlining your service to improve results.

We can solve any problem that might be related to service provision, staff improvement or create innovative solutions to improve efficiency in patient care and outcomes.

We work with...

Driven by creativity and innovation

We combine technical expertise with research-led customer-focused skills, working with a software development team to deliver these results-driven solutions.

We have an impressive track record working with numerous hospital trusts and healthcare providers that tangibly demonstrate the benefits to both patients and staff.

Our first project focused on delivering an artificial intelligence triage system for what is now our parent company, the Essex-based healthcare organisation Provide Community.

Projects that save lives

We have been at the forefront of a series of projects that have transformed patient outcomes, streamlined services for the medical profession and ultimately, saved lives.

This was especially true with the work undertaken during the Covid-19 pandemic. We created the Bed Bureau system to allocate beds efficiently to those who needed them and ProvideMyStaff to deploy staff to critical areas.

The Bed Bureau system is now being redeveloped to support the virtual ward initiative for the NHS.

What we stand for

Our Vision

To be the leaders in creating intelligent healthcare solutions

Our Values

To be innovative while operating with utmost care and integrity

Our Mission

To design and create innovative digital solutions for better health experiences

Software that makes a difference

Recent innovative projects our team has been involved in include the development of the eC-Card app which allows young people under 25 to confidentially obtain free condoms from pharmacies, improving sexual health outcomes for people in Essex, including a reduction in teenage pregnancies and STI rates. The software also generates a wealth of data for sexual health service providers in the process.

We have also launched the eQuals Platform which helps NHS staff to complete, register, renew and maintain key competencies, allowing service levels to remain consistently excellent across the Trust, bolstering patient trust.